Regardless of this, Georgia pretends for heard little and you will be sure to says to his parents good-bye

Georgia and you may Paul check out Paul’s moms and dads that night, and you can in Thanksgiving restaurants Paul’s parents and you can sister query Georgia throughout the by herself, and have worried whenever Georgia says that have a couple kids regarding other fathers, and they are much more defer whenever she implies that this new kids commonly spending Thanksgiving and their mommy.

Paul stacks up against his parents not, but Georgia are saddened because of the hearing Paul’s dad make sure he understands she actually is the sort of girl ‘getting enjoyable which have, not marry’.

Georgia gets psychological taking with Zion, discussing just how Ginny and you will Austin went away such as for example she went away when she are more youthful. Zion fixed this lady and you may asserted that it was nothing like just how Georgia ran out, alluding toward truth the fresh Georgia needed to flee regarding this lady abusive step-father. Zion raises Austin talking about Fry-big date, Georgia becomes thrilled and you may Zion recommends the lady to arrange Fry-date the afternoon immediately following so you’re able to at the same time reunite together with her children, that Georgia in the course of time agrees. After the call, Georgia talks having Paul about the discussion having Zion, and you may in the Fry-big date.

Up on coming back home, Georgia quickly phone calls Zion, which says to the woman towards babies forgotten this lady with his parents giving their always this lady, to which Georgia is astonished and acts sarcastic

A day later, Zion will bring Ginny and you may Austin home. Georgia is very first reunited having Austin, who’s earliest unwilling however with tickles and you can jokes from Georgia, Austin reveals his glee observe their mommy once more. Ellen will bring Ginny back once again to Georgia’s family shortly after finding the woman in Marcus’ driveway, it quickly reunite. Georgia statements one to she are unacquainted with Ginny getting Marcus’s motorbike to operate a vehicle to help you Zion’s. Ginny said that her and you may Austin used helmets, not, Georgia nonetheless looked worried of its safeguards. Georgia sarcastically said into the jacket Ginny was wearing, which was Georgia’s leather-based Bloodstream Eyes coat, when she was at the brand new biker group due to the fact a teen.

Whenever Georgia says Ginny getting really silent along with her staring at this lady father the entire go out, Georgia will get suspicious and you may asks Ginny to talk to her from inside the your kitchen. Ginny requires Georgia in the event that she can accept Zion, that Georgia disagrees. Zion almost decides to part of, however, since Ginny does not want Zion to disclose the truth about Ginny’s thinking-spoil, she eventually brings in and you can decides to accept Georgia immediately after all of the, albeit reluctantly. Georgia angrily looks Ginny off just like the she strolls up the stairways.

Georgia wakes up Ginny, and you will talks having Paul on the your moving into the woman place. Paul was hesitant to start with, however, Georgia claims and Paul believes.

After the restaurants, Georgia overhears Paul’s moms and dads informing Paul this woman is maybe not the woman to have your, mainly because of the difficulty along with her kids

Later, Georgia informs Ginny, that has brushing her teeth, one she ordered one to new charcoal toothpaste she enjoys, and also have requires their just how she loves they. When she realizes Ginny isn’t really reacting the woman, she only tells this lady all of a sudden that Paul are moving in, to which Ginny sarcastically congratulates your.

Afterwards one go out, when Ginny comes back but still refuses to talk to Georgia and you can refuses to consume, Georgia gets disturb with Ginny and you may decides to put all eating aside only to spite the girl. The next day, whenever Ginny observes the food is went, she face Georgia about any of it, that Georgia reacts that when she really wants to eat, she is always to works, hence while the Georgia has actually performs she gets to consume. Ginny reacts one she does have work, however, Georgia tells the lady to resolve her occupations situation in the Blue Farm. Ginny treks from, and statements you to we hope Georgia leftover specific dinner having Austin.

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