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No matter the stage or circumstance, dating can be complicated, confusing and anxiety-inducing — and maybe more so when you have ADHD. One of the common mistakes that troubled couples make is to wait too long before seeking professional help for their relationship. By the time they get to the therapist’s office, they’ve already thrown in the towel, and are only looking for a way to validate their misery and justify their decision to divorce. A licensed marriage and family therapist can teach communication and conflict resolution skills. The main symptoms of ADHD — impulsiveness and the need for constant stimulation — can enhance, as well as threaten, relationships.

Many patients living with OCD may have a hard time sharing their compulsions, especially if they are romantically involved with a person. They tend to hide their symptoms for fear of rejection and embarrassment. If you are willing to make the relationship work, make your partner know that OCD is something you are prepared to learn and understand.

Some common obsessions

Every day since that revelation, I’ve been managing my anxiety by finding ways to give myself more certainty. My therapist helped me learn more about both OCD and ROCD. She guided me to shift my perspective about relationships by sharing, among many things, that everyone has doubts and that it’s normal to question things.

Their rules were originally meant to protect people, but they’ve put the cart before the horse. Once they recognize that nurturing their relationship is also a “right thing” to do they can channel their energy into the project. This appeals to those with compulsive personality, and can help them move to the healthier end of the spectrum. Partners with OCPD , can be really difficult to live with. They usually aren’t aware how extreme their rigidity has become and are often convinced that they’re right all the time.

I also hired an assistant to come to my house a few hours a week. She helps keep me organized by going through papers with me, and she shows me new ways to stay organized that I can actually stick to. I’ve noticed even more now that when I go somewhere and there is a lot of clutter, my brain hits overload. I feel overwhelmed and have to step back for a few minutes to give my brain a rest.

Another major issue affecting many ADHD/non-ADHD couples is resentment. This relationship-straining emotion can develop as a result of the non-ADHD partner’s tendency to overhelp and the ADHD partner’s learned helplessness. For many people with ADHD, this means they often forget to do household chores, seem to ignore their spouses or children, and have trouble holding a job, among other challenges.

There will never be a perfect time, but if they’re overwhelmed with fear or anger, they may not be able to communicate well. If you can ask them about their intentions when they’re calm, you might be able to enter into a constructive dialogue. The articles we publish on Psychreg are here to educate and inform. So if you’re looking for professional help, don’t delay or ignore it because of what you’ve read here.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder commonly diagnosed in childhood. People with NPD also experience interpersonal difficulties but mainly because they often demand attention and admiration from others. They may have low empathy and be unwilling to validate or acknowledge the emotions of others. As a result, you may be unable to focus during a conversation, interrupt others, or tend to intrude on others without intending or realizing the impact of these behaviors. If you live with ADHD, you may have difficulty concentrating, focusing on tasks, interacting with others, and being organized in your work. Alternatively, someone with ADHD might develop coping skills that are remarkably OCD-like.

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There’s just a right way and a wrong way to go about getting those feels out when you have a partner with ADHD. For example, in my case, yelling at me when I forget to do something is the best way to get me to never do that thing. Telling me how it makes you feel when I forget to do something makes me want to try harder when I can. Makes me want to do everything in my power to be the best me I can be. Express yourself, for sure, but be thoughtful about how you do it.

While symptoms of chronic illness can often be managed quite effectively, they may never be cured.

They may also experience symptoms of both hyperactivity and inattentiveness. It can be easy to fall into a parental role when you’re in a relationship with someone with ADHD. You might find that you’re beginning to feel like you have to do things for them, or you need to teach them how to handle basic tasks. Along the same lines, your partner may forget about important tasks or dates, even if they were paying attention. It’s not unusual for someone with ADHD to forget about plans, responsibilities, and important milestones.

Another reason a date may ask intrusive questions is to learn your vulnerabilities and take advantage of them — typical “gaslighting” techniques. If you are dating online, beware of people who create a fake profile to lure you in. It is called “catfishing.” If you meet a date who doesn’t look like the profile photo, or if details don’t match up with what you remember about his profile, leave immediately.

One of the most helpful things a spouse with ADHD can do to help their relationship is to acknowledge that their symptoms are interfering with their relationship and get help. Little research has been done to examine how ADHD can affect a coparenting relationship. A mismatch between sexual or intimacy expectations and reality can pose a major challenge in a long-term relationship. Making matters more complicated, ADHD is sometimes treated in part with antidepressants, which can reduce sex drive and sexual performance as a side effect. Structure can greatly improve the functioning of many people with ADHD.