Age says to Lisa that in the event Patrick did not go to the party, he nevertheless likes Patrick and you can Emma

She tells your you to definitely Lisa grabbed Emma

Lisa rushes towards the hospital later one to evening and later, Robin happens shopping for Patrick. Patrick requires Robin when the she actually is sure it absolutely was Lisa, and you will Robin miracle as to the reasons the guy does not believe the woman, reminding your that Lisa is the in love that. On locker place, Patrick faces Lisa however, she denies doing it. Immediately following she renders, he sees an effective witch’s hat and phone calls once her. He accuses their again and she swears the cap isn’t actually hers. A nurse comes in and says to Patrick new hat is hers. Patrick apologizes to Lisa, but once the guy will leave, she opens the girl locker and you may hides a witch’s costume.

Emma’s party appear around, but Patrick will not wade. It infuriates Lisa and you may she heads to help you Mac’s family. She sees our house is found on flames and you will holidays during the. She hears Emma’s whines out of upstairs and you may rushes her out. A neighbors requires in the event the others is actually to the and you may Lisa informs their you to definitely Robin are, however they can’t wait for the flame institution. She operates into conserve the girl. Robin refuses help, however, Lisa seems to get the woman away. Robin accuses Lisa away from performing the latest flame, if this got become by the a great knocked-more than candle and several wrapping paper. The woman is brought to brand new PCPD and you will incurs Nikolas. She requires him, as among the hospital’s trustees, in order to intervene having Robin.

Ethan Lovett concerns General Healthcare and tells Lisa you to Johnny need personal medical help

Lisa files a great petition to possess Robin discharged about medical. However, whenever you are wanting to inject salt pentathol on the Robin’s IV bag, Maxie enters and you can grabs the lady along the way. She runs out of room and supply Johnny Zacchara this new syringe. Dr. Steve Webber gay hookup website and you may Nikolas Cassadine provide pursue however, she provides them with the latest slip. If the police come, it discover zero facts one to Lisa did anything to Robin. Nevertheless, as Lisa had no cause to be inside the Robin’s space either means, Steve sets the girl into the probation; this lady O.Roentgen. privileges are revoked, she actually is relocated to the new Age.Roentgen. so Steve will keep track of their, and she’ll feel discharged as opposed to compassion when the she does provokes Robin by any means if you don’t goes close their once again. And also make things tough (for her), the brand new hearing to go over Lisa’s petition against Robin has been terminated, ergo making certain Robin will continue to be during the medical. Later on, she meets up with Johnny, whom tells their the guy plans to support the syringe but if he need a prefer out of their.

She would go to their flat where Johnny requires she patch him right up, otherwise he’s going to give Steve about the syringe. Immediately after she stitches him up, Johnny’s girlfriend Olivia shows up and Lisa will leave. Ultimately, tired of Lisa’s vendetta against Patrick and you can Robin, and the problems the syringe possess caused him, Johnny chooses to end they for some reason. Accordingly, he creates a gem search, leaving multiple clues to have Lisa and you can Robin to get to check out whom has got the syringe very first. In the event that clues head Lisa to help you rummage due to Steve’s workplace, she’s trapped in the process from the Steve themselves. Steve effortlessly sees courtesy Lisa’s lies and you can, an effective, informs Lisa you to definitely she’s going to needless to say getting discharged if your syringe do facial skin. Lisa transforms so you can Johnny to have let, but Johnny refuses and you may indicates that new benefits see was a student in reality intended for this lady so you’re able to finally discover ways to live getting by herself and get more than her addiction to Patrick.

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