Kim Heechul is the face of the Korean Variety TV show ‘Knowing Bros’. The singer often keeps a high profile image and is friends with a lot of other celebrities. Apart from acting as a vocal member in the second generation K-pop group Super Junior, he has done several acting roles. He has also been a host for multiple other TV variety shows and Award ceremonies. “Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and TWICE’s Momo are close friends with a senior-junior relationship. Are false,” said a rep for Kim Heechul at the time the rumors began.

TWICE Dating – 2021: Who Are The Members Dating Currently?

No New Year’s couples were revealed by Dispatch in 2011 and 2012. This girl is the one who made both Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ho involved in dating rumors. Kim Heechul and Momo, the star couple that swept the news pages with the reveal of their relationship, have made the news again for the same. Since Twice’s ban was officially lifted in 2018, Momo is now allowed to have a romantic relationship. As for when this romance officially began, no one knows for sure.

The time we spent together really is long, but it’s still short. I can now remember all the memories we made with Once. This led to what is known as a “senior-junior” relationship, which is sort of like a mentorship, or an apprenticeship, type of relationship between the two superstars. The rumors of Momo and Kim Heechul dating started cropping up when a clip of Momo’s 2017 appearance on a Korean talk show,Knowing Brothers, appeared on the Internet. The rumors initially started thanks to a talk show clip. Heechul and his Japanese girlfriend were seen together in a couple of shows that include Weekly Idol and Knowing Bros.

“kan!!! gd and jennie kinda throws me off bcs of the age gap . kai and jennie were cute,” another user wrote, recalling Jennie’s past relationship with Kai. Born on January 16, 1996, Jennie Kim is 25 years old at present, while her beau G-Dragon is 32. While both are consenting adults in a mutually committed relationship, some fans took to social media to express their disapproval at the age gap.

Momo and Kim Heechul’s age gap explored: Fans react to Twice and Super Junior singers’ breakup

The last time someone made her heart skip was in middle school! Although TWICE’s Jeongyeon is single, she wishes for someone funny and who makes her comfortable. K-Pop is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hiphop, rock, R&B, and electronic music originating cost in South Korea. In addition to music, K-Pop has grown into a popular subculture, resulting in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers. By 2019, Jeon Hye Bin has publicly married her boyfriend outside the entertainment industry.

His situation is very different from other younger idols. On Hit The Stage, she said she is scared of survival shows ever since she was eliminated from Sixteen. Momo and GOT7’s BamBam both have moms who are big fans of Rain.

Especially since they’ve been shipping this couple for what must’ve felt like forever. Now that they’re officially together (and essentially the first K-Pop couple of 2020), the fans couldn’t be happier about it. However, after some things he said on the TV show “Fallen for Korea – International Couple,” it seems many mixed reactions came about, with fans taking to social media to express their thoughts. Representatives from Label SJ, Heechul’s agency and JYP Entertainment, Momo’s agency have confirmed the news of their break up after speaking with their respective artists.

One user said that Jennie first met G-Dragon when she was a teenager. The maknae of TWICE, Tzuyu, has never been in a relationship, even before her debut. It is understandable since she debuted at the young age of 16. At some time, rumors were circulated about dating sparks between Tzuyu and BTS V In Busan Best Moments. However, those did not even last longer since there was nothing between them. Tzuyu’s ideal type is someone who loves her more than she does and also who would be nice to her parents, TWICE members, and their fans.

When did Momo and Heechul start dating? Couple’s relationship timeline explored as duo break-up after 1.5 years together

Before officially confirming their relationship, Heechul’s agency spoke about the duo having a sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior) friendship. The duo however shared a number of selfies together and finally, Twice’s JYP Entertainment and Heechul’s Label SJ confirmed it. JYP said, “Heechul and Momo are in a relationship. They have recently started a relationship that grew from a sunbae-hoobae friendship in the industry.” While some K-pop stars can weather the storm that comes after a supposed expose, others may also wither untimely in a sea of criticism and the pressure to win the public validation to keep their stardom intact. Standing in 2021 where the K-pop fans are much more open to their idols dating, here’s a brief look at some of the most controversial couples of K-pop and the truth behind the rumors, and more.

The pair has been dating publicly for about a year and a half. TWICE Momo and Super Junior Heechul was the first couple Dispatch had released, and it was expected that a few couples would also be revealed in between the months this year. After the confirmation, both have been a close friend in the industry of entertainment, and recently, they are meeting each other with favorable feelings for each other.

Heechul is allowed to talk with taeyeon or whoever else about himself all he wants. But he needs to be aware that whatever he says about his dating life will now also directly affect another person, aka momo, who happens to be a top celebrity in an idol group at the height of its career. And she is also a woman in an industry where women are scrutinized for the smallest things. Twice are not a 15 year old bg but a 4 year old gg that still have a lot of things they want to accomplish.

The duo developed romance as they started working together in shows. He was reportedly seeing a model named Ivy a couple of years ago. He was also linked up with Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation in 2013. Heechul has been quite open about his relationships, but he never revealed the names of the person whom he had dated. Two years ago, in an interview, he had admitted to having dated many celebrities. Kim Hee-chul, who is popularly known as Heechul, has a tip to those who are struggling to overcome a break-up.

Except for Momo and Jihyo, all the remaining members were the center of dating rumors. So let’s take a look at with whom they were rumored to be dating or had dated. Earlier today, rumors had taken over online communities as the two were reported to have been broken up by an inside source in the industry. While fans debated on whether the news was true or not, the pair’s respective labels confirmed the split in a statement issued.

There is also a group of fans who are perfectly thrilled with the relationship reveal and are urging others to stop slamming the age-gap since both the parties are consenting adults. Kang Daniel, Jihyo Deemed as one of the most popular power couples of K-pop,TWICE’s Jihyo and Kang Daniel also had a wonderfully beautiful run where fans couldn’t gush enough about the duo. Unfortunately, the K-pop ‘IT’ couple called it quits also citing work pressure and busy schedules.